Can you picture yourself in twenty years?

Where will you be? Who will you love?

What will you have done and still wish to do?

Your inner resources to achieve success are endless and the possibility of results you can realize is infinite.

But today your current money is finite. You only have so much right now that you can work with to create more, so you need to make your money work very well.

Every dream you wish to make a reality needs money. Life would be so much easier if this weren’t true, but victory awaits for those of us who accept what is true and toil to make it better. Because most people won’t.

On the other side of the work, the long nights of introspection, the extra time spent on organization and focus, lies your purpose and mission fully realized. Deep fulfillment.

Happiness of a different kind. One that doesn’t leave you and can never be taken away.

You can live your life the way you want, but not without first learning new ways of managing your most important finite resource, your money.

The person waiting for you on the other side of this lesson is the one with infinite possibilities ahead. You may not feel ready to be that person yet, but that person awaits. Give yourself permission.

This will mean doing with less for now. You’ll learn quality.

You’ll get clear on what you love. You’ll learn tradeoffs.

You’ll learn the techniques of classic money management as a tool. You won’t mind
because you’ll have articulated what you love first, and you’ll be managing toward it.

You’ll learn how to become financially empathetic and whole.

You’ll be the financially with-it person you were meant to be.

You’ll get 24 lessons, with video classes, worksheets, and spreadsheets to guide you.

You’ll get the materials all at once, so that you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Once you have the class, you can access it forever.

An outline of what’s included:

  • 24 modules broken down into 3 parts, covering mission and money, purpose, and financial planning;
  • 8 worksheets
  • Financial pro-tips
  • A plan of action when you’re done

In our Mission Over Money: The Fundamentals of Strong Money Management class, you’ll learn money the way it was meant to be taught.

The class takes you through 24 modules, all crafted to shape your learning step by step. By the end, you will have done some massive inner work, along with the outer work of organizing, improving, re-focusing, and becoming more intentional with your money.



I’m Jane Hwangbo. I created this class for everyone who wants to learn the basics of money management within the context of a purpose driven life. I’m a former hedge-fund manager, wealth manager, and now a stay at home mother of two. I hope the class brings you clarity and strength.